Adult Autism

I write about autism as an autistic adult and a parent of an autistic child. I am also the daughter of an autistic father. This page contains links related to my observations. As you read, I hope you find some of yourself along the way, regardless of neurology.


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Vroom My Feelings Asperger's and Boredom
Intellectual Regulation and Asperger’s
Life is a procession of instantaneous and profound moments. Some would consider my experience spiritual. I know it is neurological.”
Accepting Emotional Regulation
“Even when our brains muddle over feelings we can use our strengths as data gathers and pattern recognition experts to craft our own wellness.”
Overwhelmed: Find Purpose in the Small Things
“I will obsess over verbal perfection and hesitate to publish an unscrutinized sentence, yet I can slap gesso on a paper bag.”
My Sticky Brain
“Sometimes little things consume me. An irregularity ensnares me. I fixate and flail, struggling to smooth that lopsided bit of my life. Worry propels me to make my existence even and predictable.”
Emotional Regulation and Asperger’s
“I read the books and hear the words of what to do, but deep, deep grooves are etched in my brain.”
To Stim is to Soar
Self-stimulating behavior is the sort of label scientists give behaviors they don’t fully understand.”
Imaginary Friendships
Joy Of Maps
“On sleepless nights I think about rescuing maps. I want to save them all. In attics and basements, lovely annotated treasures lurk, expecting disposal by GPS sophisticates.”
Imaginary Friendships
“I have always created friendly episodes with unknown people. This private pleasure may not be typical, but it fulfills me. I feel connected by observing people, not by interacting with them.”
The Bruise
“I did not consider a doctor. It didn’t hurt much, it simply looked –fascinating. Noticing the subtle shifts of hue, I understood why people alter their bodies with tattoos.”
Boredom, A School Memoir
“So what happened to me? Why fail in one class and not another? I’ve asked myself these questions hundreds of times, because my academic career was so mixed.”
A Ridiculous Reason to Lose Sleep
“Like a rude person having an interesting discussion on a cell phone, my brain invaded my peace. I tried to ignore the intrusive cascade of thoughts, but they were too loud and fascinating to ignore.”
My Favorite Self-Soothing Behavior
“My songs are a consequence of a positive, excitable mood. This emotion creates acute tension—like a breath held too long. The exhalation of noise is vital to my physical state.”

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