Kindergarten Questions

Wisdom from my son

Our little one’s brain has been on fire. So many interesting questions and discussions! I can hardly believe the above exchange transpired between me and this cheery little fellow.

Liev also badgered me about “bad people.”  He could not understand the purpose of  “bad people.”   Alas! How to explain to a five-year old what I have trouble grasping myself!


This quote by Calvin Coolidge seemed apt for today. On that note, here are some doodles:

Me, doodling while Liev takes a bath. The little heart on the dandelion was added later by Liev.

Random doodling while Liev played in the swimming pool over the summer.


This one took a few weeks. I sometimes feel like raising Liev is like stumbling through a maze. However, the path is getting clearer.

Happy Day.