A Neurodiverse Family’s Kindergarten Experience

Last spring, parents commemorated a year of kindergarten with a class presentation.  Students sang, exhibited school work, and presented an affectionate video montage.

Liev’s meltdown began the moment he saw us.

While the other parents sat serenely with their polite children, a fit of giggling, head rolling, and hyperactivity convulsed Liev.  A para-educator swept in and soothed T, reminding him to take deep breaths.

Papa and I looked on, dazzled by the whole spectacle: Our berserk son. Murmuring families. Vibrant artwork clinging to the walls. Buzzing aides and talking teachers. They all clamored for our attention.

Liev’s magical para calmed him enough to show us one of his classroom projects—a story about his first trip to the airport. I present it to you…


I am so proud of Liev; his inimitable honesty and number-love melts my heart!

Egor and I processed our kindergarten adventure. My husband felt we should keep Liev home for future end-of-the-year festivities.

I thought back to my childhood.  My mother kept me out of school during “Open House” days. She reasoned our family could appreciate my school work better without the distraction of others. After all, it was a celebration day; no school work would be missed.

Next year, my husband and I hope to modify class presentation day so all three of us can enjoy the experience. I’d like to see if we could retain the integrity of the event without keeping Liev out of school. I suspect a marvelous solution is waiting to be invented.