For My Mother

Mothers Day 2012

Most expectant mothers crave ice cream or pickles. My mother craved sunrises.

Thanksgiving morning, 1966, she woke my father, “Let’s drive out to the mountains and take pictures!” This remarkable moment was a change from her  morning pregnancy routine of sitting on a paint can near the toilet.

Dad tossed some saltines and photographic equipment into their red ’65 Oldsmobile Delta 88 and whisked her down sandy desert roads.  An hour later, the sun rose.  Too nauseated to focus the camera, Dad took a “Special times and Places” photograph for her.

Above, I tried my best to re-create his photo with ink and watercolor.

Could my expectant mother have known the child she carried would grow up to celebrate this special sunrise for her 45th year as a mother? I wonder.

I am proud of your spirit, grateful for your  humor,  and strengthened by your patience.

I love you, Mom.



Red Olds and Missile Garden

My Mom just sent me this lovely photo of her and Dad at that time! ♥