Learning Japanese

I have been hearing this for five straight days.

Liev has decided to teach himself Japanese. I admit I’m impressed that he taught himself this little song in a day. I think I’ve learned it, too!

Tonight he is singing the Japanese alphabet, number and phonics songs with great enthusiasm. He has an excellent memory for songs and music.

After only a few days of school, he recited the Pledge Of Allegiance. My only surprise was that they returned the “under God” quote to the pledge.

Teaching Liev that a peer’s playground fall is not hilarious remains a challenge. His SPED teacher sent home a note in cheery purple ink outlining how to react to a fall.

I’ve been heaping on the praise for positive social progress. T becomes very proud when he hears me tell Papa about his good deeds.

He works harder because of it. Our goal is to earn a “Bus Friends” certificate for good greetings and not complaining about liking people.


We saw an interesting video on youtube with a father and son painting the alphabet:

Papa and T were so taken with it that they did their own version. Here’s how T’s alphabet turned out:


Pretty wonderful for a three year old!

Starting to Spell

It’s been a few weeks since Liev started spelling, but I finally managed to take a picture.

He can spell about 10-15 words and he can read at least twice as many. Liev started to read over the summer before his birthday. In fact, he could probably read before he could speak.  Weird.

His speech therapist is skeptical. She says he does not understand what he reads.  I disagree. He knows what “open” means and how it is spelled. He also understands the association between the written words for colors and the colors themselves.

Everywhere we go, Liev picks out words.  I drive to the store and he points out the open signs.  What an odd world he must perceive.  All this text, numbers, letters around him.  I wonder if he searches for meaning or if he just files away from the information into his memory?

Mom sent links for hyperlexia.  I see so much in T, but then there is a disconnect.  He does so well at home, with people he trusts and random people at the store but he can have an unaccountable aversion to some folks.



I caught him in the act! Liev’s been arranging his letters alphabetically now for about three weeks. I blink and there’s another alphabet.


He is so intense working on his masterpieces! Much like papa, intense and very focused.  In the past few days, he has been putting together the string of letters in order almost every time! Cool!