Hello Kitty, Revisited

The power outage that swept over New Hampshire during Halloween crashed our desktop. We are up and running with a new desktop, so our printer, scanner and photos are back online too.

Thus,  I present to you my son in his Hello Kitty Halloween costume:

Halloween costume

He is the epitome of cuteness and mischief!

Seconds after this shot was snapped we attacked me with his Hello Kitty tail,

“Pew! Pew! Pew! I have a kitty-scorpion tail! You are poisoned!”

Heh. I wonder what he will want to be next year!

Hello Kitty!

My five-year-old son has chosen his Halloween costume. He wants to be Hello Kitty.

This should be interesting.

Why does he want to be Hello Kitty? Because he is in love with this little girl:

The singing character is “Kitty,” Liev’s imaginary friend.

Liev wants to be Hello Kitty “because Kitty likes Hello Kitty and I want her to like my costume.”

In case it is confusing, the “Kitty” in the video is not Hello Kitty, although they are both Japanese.

Of course, I’ve already bought him a Hello Kitty Hat:

Tomorrow I am off to find a white shirt and matching bottoms. Pictures to follow.

BTW, this is an awesome article about one mom’s choice to let her son wear a “girl’s” costume.