Waiting for the Storm


Like Sherlock Holmes is invigorated by a good mystery, I am invigorated by a good storm.

In the five years we have lived here, the east coast has entertained us with turbulent weather. We endured two week-long power outages caused by massive icestorms. Hurricane Irene rattled our windowss and and at least four blizzards have humbled us.

Quite a change from New Mexico’s hazy, stingy sandstorms.

We are prepared. An army of batteries organized by size  sits next to our flashlights. Our generator has been tested and overhauled by my husband. Boxes of canned food wait to be refused by my son.

Best wishes to my fellow East Coasters.


Here are some remembrances from storms past:

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A final note. I was exceptionally stressed out last week and I am still catching up on all the lovely comments. I appreciate your visits and read everything you share. I will be caught up soon. Thank you for your understanding!