Re-Post: What to do When You Are Bored

Distribution of Books in Downstairs Library

Distribution Of Books In Our Downstairs Library

Heh. Over the summer, I had some extreme boredom moments when my son fell ill. Since my sick boy needed me nearby, I asked, “What can I do with myself and still be 5 feet away?”

I decided to categorize all my downstairs books and plot the distribution on a bubble graph. Since this wasn’t quite fancy enough, I extracted and “steampunked” the bubbles. This turned into a week long labor of  Asperger Love.

I am compelled to add, that the distribution does not include  all my books. If it did, the short story and atlas book numbers would triple. I have crates of  short stories in the spare room plus a stack of atlases next to my bed.

Yay books!

ETA: I am taking some time to read my best buddy’s novel. So I’m sharing my love of books and charts with you!

Original Bubble Graph after the jump.

The numbers are the numbers of books in each category.

Digital elements: Marta VanEck, Google charts.