Moral Compass: Boycott Autism Speaks

Moral Compass

My moral compass leans more toward how I treat others than personal beliefs. I do not feel I have the right to tell others how to worship, whom to love, or what to spend their money on. Yet this same compass also impels me to insist on the fair and ethical treatment of others. Equality, empathy and dignity should center the civilized soul and direct future generations.

To pursue social justice, I volunteered years of service to non-profit organizations. Alas, I discovered not all charities are benevolent organizations.  Some are self-serving profit machines, more concerned with lavish salaries than philanthropy.  I deemed Autism Speaks to be such an organization a few years ago.

Organizational greed becomes infinitely foul when it stigmatizes the people it serves to earn pity dollars through sensational claims. In November of last year, the co-founder of Autism Speaks, Susan Wright published “Autism Speaks to Washington — A Call for Action.”

She describes autism as a thief, a dire illness that steals millions of children. Further, she implicates autistic children as the source of broken families, bankruptcies, and endless adversity.  This inflammatory missive contradicts my views absolutely, yet the insinuation that autistic people are unworthy offends the most.

Protesting Autism Speaks is protesting their negative portrayal of autistic individuals for cash.  The following quote captures the need people have to protest, boycott, and campaign against this organization:


I urge you to take action by sending a loud message to Autism Speaks. Boycott their corporate sponsors. Do not let Autism Speaks profit from their false and offensive campaign.

I urge you to take action by promoting Autism Positivity. Spread articles that humanize and depict the experiences of actual autistics. Do not let any person be misrepresented or stigmatized.

We can create an inclusive and accepting future. Follow your moral compass.

To learn more about the Boycott Autism Speaks Movement visit the Boycott Autism Speaks website or their Facebook Page.

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