Summer of Infernal Illnesses

Good grief. I am tired of interminable illness. A certain amount of angst does come with Asperger’s, especially if you aren’t pursuing special interests. Nevertheless, it is 100% miserable to have viruses every other week. Yesterday afternoon, I crashed. I was not sick to the point of exhaustion, but I was depleted. Egor shopped and came home early. I […]

What’s Your Number?

Wednesday, my son was sick and irritable with the latest iteration of stomach bug. Much like my father, Liev reacts idiosyncratically to stomach troubles. Rarely does nausea touch him. But when it does, it is time for TV. We watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day. That was more TV than we consume in a […]

Sick Day

We had another play date scheduled for today, but I canceled. T had a fever and was crazy anxious. So, Mr. Bossy pants and I stayed home. It was a long day, but thank heavens for Curious George. I’ve got that blingy piano tune knocking about my head so much it seems as if it […]

Learning About Autism: Becoming My Own Expert

A miserable winter holiday sent me on a journey of self-discovery. Snowed in the house, Liev, E, and I chafed against each other. We three were sick, bored and joyless. Happy Freakin’ Holidays. Complaining about spending time with your loved ones is awful, but this was a drudgery so deep I became convinced something terrible was wrong with […]

Holy Crap, Here’s Your Influenza

Poor, poor Egor!!! After his Mama left, he came down with my horrible flu. And I mean horrible. I have never seen him this ill. Fever of 102, chills, sweats, aches, nausea. I put spare sheets next to the bed so he could change them after he sweat through them. I am scared for him. […]