>Another Snow Day

>Whew. So here we are again, drifting through another snow day. T seems to be feeling well which is a quite a relief after the series of colds/bugs he has had since school started again. E is downstairs quibbling with T over the next activity to play. I suspect that I need to print out a mid-morning schedule.  Thank heavens for Boardmaker!

I must say, never underestimate the power of a simple toy for a child. I picked up a tally counter for the little guy. I gave it to him as a “snow day treat” and he has been counting everything in sight. My original plan was to use the counter as a motivator to eat, but it’s become much bigger than that. This morning he counted up the number of “book cubes” we have as well as items of furniture and socks on the floor.

Papa needs to blow snow out of the drive way, after about five inches our pissy snow thrower chokes.

More Snow

Just when I thought I could get my little guy back to school, we have a snow day! This is some serious s***! The folks on the weather channel have lost their grip with reality. Wild-eyed and caffeinated! The snow here fell in thick fat flakes and the wind rattled the windows. Egor didn’t even bother going to work, instead, he shoveled snow every four hours since our pissy snow thrower couldn’t handle more than a few inches at a time.


This is our first snowman since our first winter in Merrimack. Liev was actually pretty excited about the whole process and helped assemble the snowman’s face. His mouth is a red bell pepper slice and yes, the neckerchief is a JC Penney kitchen towel. A far cry from the blank stare he gave to snowman number one when he was two and a half!

If you look to the right behind T, you can see his little line of snowballs. It’s still more fun to line them up rather than throw them!


Well, here we go! the first snow day of the season. It’s been terribly windy and TF has been struggling in the gusts to keep our driveway clear, primarily so we can get Liev out to play tomorrow! The aquarium sickness lingers, but Liev is recovering nicely.

The cool time lapse is by MPCentauri, not us. It’s awesome when folks take the time to make such cool videos! Please note-the wind was crazy! It swept all the snow out of our driveway for us! Our neighbors were not so lucky, most of it drifted in a huge V by their porch.


 I just shoveled 195 cubic feet of snow.

We are the only people on the street without a snow blower. We were planning to get one, but decided to wait until the end of the season sale. Hah! Near the road, the snow was above my knees and heavy as cement. It’s wetter than the sweet, fluffy flakes near the garage. As I labored, the wind blew sheets of the stuff right to our doorstep, whisking shovelfulls back into my face during gusts as I dug.

Still love it here!