Science Sunday

Today I played with photo effects while Liev watched Japanese videos. The pics were taken by Papa Sasha during their visit on “Science Sunday” Liev is building a fan/amplifier creation

I have more photos to post, but I must first publish my Japanese opus!

The Communication Board

Last weekend, Liev made his own “Communication Board.”

At first, I was not sure what he was up to. He prints out Boardmaker stories so often, I tune out his babbling and printing.

He requested a ruler and poster board. I am no stranger to giant ruled calendars. I retrieved his supplies cheerfully. He looked so cute with the marker and ruler that I took a picture.

I doodled as he drew,  jumped, and talked to himself.

He got my attention, however, when he asked for the scissors. Last time T asked for scissors, he discretely ventilated the crotch of his pajamas. Now, I supervise scissor time very closely.

After Liev cut out his pink grid,  I whisked the scissors away. We laminated and velcroed the icons he printed.

Finally, he announced that he needed a hammer and some nails.

“What for?” I asked.

“To put up my schedule so I’m not silly in the morning. I don’t want to be silly.”

I am not a tearful person, but I was overcome. He spent the entire morning building something to help him navigate the world.

He had walked me through all the steps, but I did not recognize his goal. I felt saddened by my lack of insight and understanding.

My son is a little jewel, struggling with sensory sensitivities but blessed with the desire to help himself. In his heart, he yearns to be a good boy. Let no one label him otherwise.

project final

Learning Japanese

I have been hearing this for five straight days.

Liev has decided to teach himself Japanese. I admit I’m impressed that he taught himself this little song in a day. I think I’ve learned it, too!

Tonight he is singing the Japanese alphabet, number and phonics songs with great enthusiasm. He has an excellent memory for songs and music.

After only a few days of school, he recited the Pledge Of Allegiance. My only surprise was that they returned the “under God” quote to the pledge.

Teaching Liev that a peer’s playground fall is not hilarious remains a challenge. His SPED teacher sent home a note in cheery purple ink outlining how to react to a fall.

I’ve been heaping on the praise for positive social progress. T becomes very proud when he hears me tell Papa about his good deeds.

He works harder because of it. Our goal is to earn a “Bus Friends” certificate for good greetings and not complaining about liking people.

The Circle of Life

circle of life

Sunday, my son told me his dream.

“Mama. I had a dream about circles. There were little teeny ones for babies and bigger ones for little tots. There was a middle-sized circle for you Mama, and all the middle-aged people. There was a large sized circle for full-sized people, like grandma and grandpa.”

“Do you know what, Mama? Do you know what the biggest circle of all was? The one for dead people.”

Lable Maker

One snowy day in March, my son hatched a sinister plan. He decided to invent a game so irritating that I would quit parenting and feed him leftover Valentine’s candy nonstop.

His game involved jumping, whistles, the bathroom sink, and all of our drinking glasses. I needed a new idea, quick.

Since Liev is hyperlexic, typing and spelling are favorite activities. So, I brought out my fancy Dymo LT-100 label maker   Overjoyed, he typed his heart out. Afterward, we compulsively organized. It was a blast!  On that long dull day, he printed dozens of labels:

Kitty Food.   Socks.  Underware.  Medicashun.  Do Not Disterb.

We stuck labels on all the appliances, most of the furniture and the majority of our dry goods. If you got lost in our basement, he printed little arrows to lead you back to the stairs. Our toilet handles now bear tiny “flush” stickers, located not far from instructional “ROLL” stickers. When we ran out of things to identify, I let him print labels for his “elevator” and put the label maker away.

I forgot about that day in March until I brought his stove up from the basement this morning.  I found his label stash in the oven.

Sometimes all it takes is just the right idea to make a blah day into a great day.