Milestone: Crib to Toddler Bed

toddler bedIn keeping with our summer of change plan, phase one has begun–Goodbye Baby Crib.

We are starting a few weeks before summer school, so T isn’t facing too much change at once. Our winters are a crush of colds, tummy bugs and flus, so this is the best time to move out of the crib and do away with the souska. So here we go.

I picked up a toddler bed at Target (of course). It is a flimsy thing, but I don’t think we will use it too long. T is huge and dwarfs the mattress. If I could have found an affordable twin low to the ground with sides, I’d have bought it.

Ah, well.

Probably we’ll upgrade to a twin from Ikea in the future.

Anyway, I bought two red pillows and a red blanket so he could have a “big boy bed” like Skippy Jon Jones, one of his heroes. He was jazzed beyond belief, when he saw his new bed and planets stickers on the walls. He dashed around the room yelling:

“I have a big boy room now! No more baby crib!”

final days of souska

The excitement continued even after I tucked him in, but he managed to pass out within twenty minutes–right in bed!

T was so excited that he brought a quantity of books and toys into his new space!

Next up: Farewell to the pacifier!

The Evaluation is Rescheduled

embarAfter last weekend’s fun at the park we decided to go for another visit and this time Egor brought the video camera.

On an unrelated note, the evaluation team that was going to meet with us on Monday called. I found out, much to my surprise, that we were to take Tyoma to Manchester for an evaluation and that the whole process could top three hours.

I was astonished.  I expected a shorter meeting at our home. In fact, one of the specialists was supposed to pay us a home visit last November (but never did). Sigh. Anyway, out appointment was late enough in the afternoon that I rescheduled for June 12 at 8:30 a.m.

E was in the room with me when I called to reschedule. Wild hand waving commenced to calm me down as I spoke. I can be shrill and unintelligible when rattled. I was pissed that nobody took five minutes to let me know what to expect.

The specialist said she would call me Monday/Tuesday and meet Tyoma and me in person. She had that lazy-bored tone  of voice that suggested she won’t follow through unless pestered. Getting caught by surprise is embarrassing, but all of Tyoma’s other evaluations have been here, so I just assumed. Sigh.

A Face To Go With The Voice

I met with Olga today and liked her immediately. She looks to be in her mid-thirties, fresh faced and Slavic-featured, with long sandy hair pulled up in a bun.

I hate to stereotype, but she fit my idea of a strong Russian woman–sturdy, earthy and very sweet. Tyoma liked her immediately and got on well with her two daughters.

Olga and her partner have one birth-daughter apiece with the same father. The girls were sweet, but I confess that the four year old was quite a handful. If she can deal with Lizzie, Tyoma will be a peice of cake. We set up a schedule for a few times a week, two hours a day. We have our fingers crossed!

Poor Olga

I skipped Kindercare today to bring Tyoma to meet Olga and her two children. At 8:00 in the morning she called. Her mother had dangerously high blood pressure and was in the hospital, could we meet another time?

She was so genuine and refreshingly un-dramatic in an absolutely  terrifying situation. My affection for her grew.  Who wants to trust a drama queen with their kid? I took Tyoma out for Chick-Fil-a and looked longingly at the spring clothes at the mall. My butt is in that in-between size where the “comfy” clothes are too loose and the skinny clothes are circulation destroying.

The Phonecall

Sunday I worked up the nerve to call the Russian babysitter.

Originally, Egor was going to call (the message was posted in Russian, after all), but he didn’t feel comfortable talking to her. I argued that I didn’t feel comfortable calling either. Then we had a laugh. No wonder Tyoma has social delays!

I was so nervous!!! I even wrote out a little script for the whole conversation. The only thing I didn’t plan to ask her was the color of her parachute!!! I called.  I felt anxious and excited, pacing with my well thought-out list of twenty questions. Heh. When we chatted, I heard anxiety and excitement in her voice, too.

I crossed out fifteen questions on principle. Two questions later, I set up an appointment to meet her this Wednesday. Sometimes, you get a feeling from someone, a simpatico thing. Yeah. I liked her already. One thing mildly surprised me. When she first mentioned her “partner” I didn’t get that she was gay. It took three more mentions before I understood.

The mild surprise? That I didn’t get it in the first place. Probably because to me, such things don’t matter. Which is cool. Actually, super cool for Tyoma since he gets lots of female nurturing–two moms, two daughters and a grandma!