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I write as an autistic woman and as a mother of an autistic child.  This page contains links to articles about my adventures with my son. Each post is shared with love, consent, and anonymity. We hope these observations draw you closer to your loved ones!

Side Note

The category “Plan B Parenting” is taken from the only model of parenting that works for our family, CPS.

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) is the evidence-based, non-punitive, non-adversarial model of care created by Dr. Ross W. Greene in 1998.  The model is based on the premise that challenging behavior occurs when the expectations being placed on a kid exceed the kid’s capacity to respond adaptively, and that some kids are lacking the skills to handle certain demands and expectations.

P.S. Posts written using the term “Asperger’s syndrome” occurred prior to the DSM-5’s release. Our family now uses the term “autistic.”


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Losing a Pet in an Autistic Household

“He led me through sorrow as if he were an expert. Each question I answered took me closer to peace and acceptance. Perhaps all little askers of questions are armed with the tools to heal.”

Accept Autism and Tourette's.

Acceptance for All

“Nourish every child as a whole person.  We are all part nature and nurture, but nurture is for nature, not against it.” 

Fruit Souls

So, his apricot friend rested on our kitchen table until it shrunk and moldered. “Fruit have souls,” Liev stated as he chose a sunny spot for an apricot grave.

Prosopagnosia and Asperger’s in the Family

If adults like my father and me stumble upon their facial recognition difficulties late in life, imagine the struggle children must face when they have prosopagnosia.”

The Power of Negative Suggestion

Our household has the flu because our son never forgets a prohibited act.

What’s Your Number?

“I know how this conversation will go. Tyoma was on the verge of tears, because knowing his credit score was a life and death matter.”

Should I Indulge My Autistic Child?

“Some might think I spoil my son. Shouldn’t I be teaching him skills that are useful to society? Skills that will help him function in the real world? In the real world, they say, no one will indulge him.”

Summer Vacation or Summer Madness?

“My history of adventures with my son is consistent. I endure the effort of each trip with cheer. When I return home, however, I teeter on the brink of a nervous collapse for days.”

Nightmare Factories–Childhood Dreams and Autism

“Liev’s sleeping mind conjures strange and spectacular horrors. In his dreams, bathtub drains have teeth and eat little boy fingers.”

Why My Autistic Son Hates Valentine’s Day

“My six-year-old son has groused about Valentine’s Day since early last fall. He wants nothing to do with giving cards and heart-shaped candy. His obsessiveness has been building to a frenzied climax.”

Bog Life

“Thrilled with the step countdown, Tyoma hopped and hollered, “Take the picture! Take the picture! Please!” I snapped dozens of countdown markers photos. We eventually reached an intersection.

A Special Interest: The Number Wall

“The walls evolved from globular number sequences to rigid cut and paste quilts. Over the years we have painted, collaged, taped, and stapled numbers to his walls.”

The Typewriter

As Liev obsessed over his typing, he ripped page after page out of the typewriter and discarded in frustration. His need to type the perfect letter consumed him. I watched as he walked around in circles between sheets, talking to himself about typing.


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