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  1. My Family is dealing with some health issues, so it might take me a bit to catch up with comments. Thank all of you for taking a moment to visit with me. <3


  2. This is just lovely, thank you πŸ™‚ I’m sorry to hear about your family health issues, hope you all improve soon. I, too, would love to know about the background verse one day when you have time.
    Thinking of you all.

  3. Gorgeous, wonderful words. “Not notice me. But, I exist in a sea of sameness.” Exactly. Just last week I had a conversation about colored hair. I would love to have lavender hair. A young woman remarked that people who do such things are only looking for attention. It’s funny, because what holds me back is the fact that people might look at me more. So, I’m very happy to see your words.

    Very sorry to hear about your worries. Hope all works out for you. Warmest wishes – Julie

    1. Thank you! We are certainly kindred spirits. I have always longed to have wild, vibrant hair, just for the thrill of it, but alas, I would feel too self conscious to sport it in public. When I see these colorful women, I respect their extra dose of courage to stand out. I appreciate you sharing your feelings with me. I am cheered to have an ally.


  4. oh yes! as a once blue and red and orange haired girl expressing her difference I so appreciate the recognition behind your words – now I find other ways to live the difference – blacksmithing, morris dancing, hairy armpits πŸ™‚ The achievement of ‘normal’ or ‘regular’ was anathema to me

    1. Woo! I have such a cool picture of you in my mind! Also, all the hairy pits in my family send you a grand salute! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing the lovely image and to brighten my day with non-conformity. I am off to Google “morris dancing!”

      Lori D

  5. I’m a blue-haired Asperger’s girl, and I LOVE this. It’s one of those “there are others?!?” moments. Thanks SO much for sharing!
    Funny, my hair is naturally carrot-orange, and I like it, but I feel so much more “me” and somehow less conspicuous when my hair is electric blue!

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