5 thoughts on “Holiday Reflections

  1. Clapping with joy! I stopped then, clapped again. I love your images so much and T is such a CUTIE!! The past Christmas’s have become a blur for me, even yesterday, that is why I take videos and as many pictures as possible. I get too overwhelmed myself and exhausted, I am usually the streaker in these parts! Lol!

    I hope today is a bit relaxing for you! I agree with Life&Ink, “soak it up.” 🙂

  2. As the mama of a 17 yo aspie I will tell you – soak it up as much as you can, the years fly by for sure and you will look back 10 years from now and wonder where they went!

    1. Elizabeth, thank you for visiting. I believe you, very much. Sometimes I gasp when I the mirror shows me I am no longer 19 (my permanent mental age!).

      I think my New Year’s resolution is to worry less and embrace more.

      Best wishes!

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