Overwhelmed: Find Purpose in the Small Things


My blogging has heaved to an abrupt stop. I write unsatisfactory, incomplete posts, unable to translate my meaning into lucid words.

So, I dive into random art projects. Modest and primitive, each tiny task focuses my mind and relieves anxiety.

I will obsess over verbal perfection and hesitate to publish an unscrutinized sentence, yet I can slap gesso on a paper bag. Or doodle in ink.  I can create some small thing. It may be imperfect, unbalanced, or unsettling–but it is me.

When you feel your worst, create. Grab a marker and some stickers. Rip open envelopes and decorate them. Stamp butterflies on an old map. Bake. Sew. Organize. Do something, anything. You will be released. Even an overwhelming, disappointing day can be a success.

I share my humble fare because the process removes me from anxious dark places. Find your small things and share openly.

Asperger's and Boredom
Waiting for Sandy to pass.

Artichoke head
Yay! I love making anatomy collages!

I often feel restless and compelled to move.

Butterfly Lungs
The day I realized I needed energy to feel boredom.
Self pity seems to be effortless, however…

Vessels and Vines
A kidney illustration reminded me of vines and flowers.

23 thoughts on “Overwhelmed: Find Purpose in the Small Things

  1. I want one of your pieces to hang in my studio. (I’m serious!) Barter?
    I don’t care what you write, I love seeing your art and creativity, whether that’s expressed through words, or words within art amidst duct tape and envelopes, I just think you are SO talented and it makes me so, so happy!

    1. Thank you so much Ariane. Although two weeks have passed since I read your kind words, the sweetness of your encouragement still feels like a hug.


  2. Your art is lovely. I always look forward to seeing something new from you. I hope the words come back for you but in the mean time, please share your “small things” with us. They’re beautiful.

  3. Find my small things and share aye??
    My creations dont look very good after I butcher them with my un-pickerer or run them under the sewing machine in a crazy way..
    Otherwise, exactly what Ariane said!

    1. Ha! I had to run to google to find out what an “un-picker” was! I assumed it was a new type of painting tool! Sewing is truly an art and a science rolled up in one! My mom and I are both impressed with anyone who can sew with a machine. I still repair wayward hems with a stapler!

      Thanks for visiting with me and speading some cheer!


  4. Beautiful stuff. Sorry you are going through hard tome at mo. Words are def not the only way to express feelings…your art expresses emotions that words could probably not. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration and wishing you well 🙂

    1. Thank you Jess!

      I feel much more adjusted to life at the moment. Sometimes it takes a while for new information and circumstances to settle. I am enjoying the winter very much. The cold agrees with me! I appreciate your encouragement. Sweet comments are like little gifts you can unwrap more than once!


  5. Lori, you are so awesomely fantastically magnificent! I love your art work and what you shared here speaks words that I cannot pull out of my mouth or fingers. I keep blasting posts out, but they are not at all what I am trying to say. (Being anxious and sickly does not help!) However, I am finding peace splattering out poems, mostly haiku’s that keep my brain focused and counting. Hee hee Thank you for sharing you and your wonderful creations!

    p.s. Before I reread this comment and edited it I had “sickly doe snot help” ha ha ha I thought that was funny. Maybe it’s just me. Lol!


      1. Thank you Angel!

        There is something about an Aspie brain that needs to express focus and an outlet. I cannot express the peace it brings me to DO something that I love. It is more than the satisfaction of completing something, it is like breathing.

        You are a talented poet–it seems as if the words do flow out of you like air. That natural ability and drive is an awesome gift!

        As always, I appreciate your visits, loopy cheer, and constancy!

  6. Dang girl you are super talented. Your coping strategies should be featured in a high end fine art gallery if they are not already, which they probably are but you are too modest to phrase it like all that. Word.

    1. Ibby, you are so dear, sweet and kind! I am worldless and filled up with joy. My deepest hope is to share a smidgen with the world. I’m all flappy. 🙂

  7. “Stamp butterflies on an old map” ! that just made me smile. =)
    and you are so right! when i feel i am not getting into my studies or other work I have to do, instead of being restless, or wait and get depressed… it’s actually way more productive to just do a little (not too big) personal craft project or something else with my hands first. it calms me and can put me in the right mind to get the other stuff done with focus and efficiency. (today baked french short bread cake,turned out supergood!)

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