3 thoughts on “Silent Halloween

  1. Halloween is not a huge deal in Australia but I still sent a half dozen groups of costumed kids away empty handed. We don’t do after school excitement.

    1. Ha! I trembled over the idea of answering the door! I never would have the fortitude to answer without candy!

      I adore what you said: “We don’t do after school excitement.” It must be the royal “we,” that makes it so delightful. This will be my future answer to every after school demand, ever!


  2. We do not give out candy either. We always leave because even with the lights off kids knock and that sends Daniel into spirals of questions and anxiety. This is our second year of taking them trick-or-treating. It went well, but I always have to prepare for the delayed meltdowns. I think it is worth it for him to have a fun night, but it still can be a lot. I hope you will get to enjoy some Halloween festivities in the future!

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