Gratitude and Appreciation: Life and Ink


A few weeks ago, I posted Should I Indulge My Asperger Child?–my chronicle of my son’s love of swimming pools and their depths.

I have received many warm and thoughtful responses to this post. I am grateful to those who take a moment to read and share their thoughts.

But! Can you imagine my surprise when my friend Charlotte over at Life and Ink shared that she felt inspired to do something wonderful for my son? Charlotte, a pilot and photographer took to the air and snapped aerial photographs of pools for my son!!! She put them together in an adorable post: For Liev: Pools and Airplanes and Numbers, Oh My!

I am so happy and touched, I still can’t think of the right words to express myself. I am deeply appreciative of Charlotte’s support and encouragement. I feel personally validated as a mother.

And my son! Liev will be reading and enjoying her words and actions for the rest of his days. I can see him in his thirties, with glowing eyes talking about pool love and aerial photos just for him. How incredible our online autism community is that this could have happened.

Thank you Charlotte!

Lori, Egor, and (hop hop hop hop!) Liev.

7 thoughts on “Gratitude and Appreciation: Life and Ink

  1. Okay Lori, now it is me who is in tears!!! What a beautiful image you have created accompanied by such touching words. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And T will not be alone, for In 30 years I too will be sitting and smiling while looking at an aviatrix created just for me! 🙂

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