A Neurodiverse Family’s Kindergarten Experience

Last spring, parents commemorated a year of kindergarten with a class presentation.  Students sang, exhibited school work, and presented an affectionate video montage.

Liev’s meltdown began the moment he saw us.

While the other parents sat serenely with their polite children, a fit of giggling, head rolling, and hyperactivity convulsed Liev.  A para-educator swept in and soothed T, reminding him to take deep breaths.

Papa and I looked on, dazzled by the whole spectacle: Our berserk son. Murmuring families. Vibrant artwork clinging to the walls. Buzzing aides and talking teachers. They all clamored for our attention.

Liev’s magical para calmed him enough to show us one of his classroom projects—a story about his first trip to the airport. I present it to you…


I am so proud of Liev; his inimitable honesty and number-love melts my heart!

Egor and I processed our kindergarten adventure. My husband felt we should keep Liev home for future end-of-the-year festivities.

I thought back to my childhood.  My mother kept me out of school during “Open House” days. She reasoned our family could appreciate my school work better without the distraction of others. After all, it was a celebration day; no school work would be missed.

Next year, my husband and I hope to modify class presentation day so all three of us can enjoy the experience. I’d like to see if we could retain the integrity of the event without keeping Liev out of school. I suspect a marvelous solution is waiting to be invented.

14 thoughts on “A Neurodiverse Family’s Kindergarten Experience

  1. Ahhh, as a pilot, my first reaction, when I saw he wrote about his trip to the airport, was this strong desire to come and get him and take him for an airplane ride!!! I too love his honesty, and openness. I mean the pee in my bed reference is priceless!!! And yes, no worries, a marvelous solution indeed is waiting to be invented!

    Happiness to you and your delightful little boy! 🙂


    1. OMG!!!!

      As if you could be any cooler! A pilot! Awesomeness!

      Exploring the air and water are the two frontiers I have the most love for. Flying is my favorite sensation–the pressure of lift off and the visual spectacle. I’d make a terrble pilot, however, since my face would always be smooshed up against the window! Before I went in for my diagnosis, I reviewd my journals and noted that I would write 20+ pages about the airborne scenery and very little about the populated places I would visit.

      Thank you for thinking of taking T for a ride. I hope that he will one day get the chance to fly. I am such a fan! Yay! I appreciate the comment! 🙂


  2. I used to teach first grade. Your son is truly a gifted writer and artist. Wow! Loved the part about you going to the potty and fun to my heart’s content. What an angel. Love button. 🙂

    1. Sam,
      Thank you for the encouragement! I need to remind myself of his awesome capabilities every now and then. All that “boozle-hinking” can take it out of a girl! 🙂

  3. Wow he is so accomplished at 5 i loved reading this post. His drawings are so good. You have a very good little artist there. you must be so proud. It’s the start of the new school year for us now. Im Praying for a good year.

    1. Hey! Thank you for visiting with me! I appreciate all the compliments for T. I re-read positive posts after very irritating days! I hope your school year starts well. After the first two jittery days we are blissfully back on schedule! 🙂


  4. Love this Lori– I have some ideas on allowing him to participate in the end of the school– (big hoopla) activities– it is all in the preperation and build up, and allowing that quick escape if he needs– let me know if you are interested in some of my thoughts!

    1. Yay! Lindy! OMG! Squee! How nice of you to visit my blog!

      I would be deeply appreciative of any suggestions you have. I think that dealing with big celebrations is important–Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, are on their way. You can give me info here, on FB, whatever works for you.

      Yay! Nice to re-connect with you! 🙂


  5. I have a solution! Ask the teacher for an early presentation or an after class presentation! Or maybe even to let you guys eat lunch with him in his classroom so you can see his work while everyone else is out of the room. 🙂 Or maybe letting you come up after school the day before so you can see all the work while everyone else’s work is still up, too? Just spitballing ideas here. I completely understand what happened because it was too much for him to handle & I understand why. I’m sure his teacher wouldn’t mind. 🙂 Good luck next year! I adored his book! Wonderful!

    1. Yes!

      This is an excellent set of ideas. We have an outstanding team and I think that we could do any one of these. I like the idea of non-school time presentation. During lunch or before school we could drop by and he could share his school work. This will help out the entire family since I tend to get twitchy in noisy environments.

      Thank you for the support. After visiting with your blog ( http://fairytaleforgotten.blogspot.com/ ) I know how well you understand!


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