A Ridiculous Reason to Lose Sleep

Be Quiet

The other night,  I encountered an article about Pick Up Artists on Buzzfeed. The oddly dressed Romeos haunt the internet, touting seduction secrets for a fee.

The piece made me sad–sad for the seduced women, sad for the fee-paying men and sad that insults could ever be part of establishing a relationship.

I skipped to a cheerier article and then pre-bedtime hands of Spider Solitaire.  At 10:00, I clicked off the lights.

As I snuggled under my pillow castle, my brain began a conversation with itself over Pick Up Artists.

Like a rude person having an interesting discussion on a cell phone, my brain invaded my peace. I tried to ignore the intrusive cascade of thoughts, but they were too loud and fascinating to ignore.

Brain chattered about relationships and the human condition. It devised elaborate match-making services and philosophized about neurodiversity, dating and mating.  Sophisticated scenarios evolved and replayed themselves.

I tossed and turned. The rational part of me  knocked on the window, as the rest of held a Pick Up Artist Party. After the 25th pillow adjustment, I glimpsed the clock–1:30 a.m.

Irritated, I hoisted myself out of bed, clumped downstairs and fixed some Malt O’ Meal. I watched an episode of South Park, returned upstairs and conked out.

The next morning I woke with this thought: my brain is a pet of sorts. It hungers and has strange cravings, especially when anxious. I’ve been feeding Brain too much Curious George and Spider Solitaire. Like a naughty dog, Brain responded by chewing on the mental shreds of a Buzzfeed editorial.

I plan to nourish my mind with finer fare, and to change the midnight scenery when I endlessly toss. Or perhaps I’ll take my late night dialogues to the computer screen so I have something to show for those lost hours.

Digital elements: Sherrie Drummond, Beth Rimmer.

16 thoughts on “A Ridiculous Reason to Lose Sleep

  1. Hello lovely Lori, I so relate to this, I take my journal to bed with me every night. I also keep my netbook under my bed. I have written some of my favourite poems and posts at 3am. I find that if I write it out then my mind feels easier and the conversation will not be forgotten. Great post, thanks for sharing.
    “I’ve been feeding Brain too much Curious George and Spider Solitaire.” Really? Or is this a saying?
    I love Curious George, he’s such a cute little monkey. 😉
    Love and hugs my friend. Lisa. xx 🙂

    1. Lisa!

      I like your idea. It is so much better to purge those circling thoughts or create with them!

      “Curious George” is my son’s favorite calming cartoon. We have had a scheduled week break from school, which has thrown both our schedules off–thus extra Curious George for my son. It is my favorite children’s cartoon. so many american cartoons push social skills, it’s nice to have one about curiosity and discovery!

      Spider Solitaire is an online game that I play before bedtime (http://games.aarp.org/games/spider-solitaire.aspx )

      It is so nice of you to drop by! Happy Day Lees! 🙂

      1. Hello… 🙂
        I just went and found this really old post of mine for you.
        I had only been blogging for a few months. I used Curious George in this post.
        I have written many posts that use my “Logo” as a friend put it.
        “I am Aspie-happy. I’m a multi coloured Rainbow and I turn negativity upside down.”
        This post is about thoughts and how I was learning to calm them.
        It also has a link to my Rainbow poem.
        I do love curious George and I love the song and video on this post.
        Love and hugs. Lees. xx 🙂

  2. Oh, my! This sounds just like a conversation I had with my brain last night about relationships and aspergers. I am on a relationship kick so I started combing my encounters with pick-up artists and other odd sorts.

    This happens to me frequently (The intrusive thoughts and imaginary conversations while in bed.), lately I have had to stop my reading on certain types of blogs because I am getting too emotional and then trying to come up with scenarios to help the ENTIRE WORLD! Egad!

    I used to play Spider Solitaire all hours of the night before we had kids. I was SO addicted and it would stimulate me and keep me up even longer. I have to limit any of my computer game playing I get sucked into a portal. 🙂

    Curious George rocks! South Park! Aaaaggg! I don’t watch it much anymore, but I used to my favorite was when Cartmen was having tea parties and he said “Would you like some more tea Polly Prissy Pants?” LOL!! I say that all the time. Then he says “How about you Clyde Frog?” Clyde frog then says “Why yes, please Eric, why are you so cool?” Eric says “I don’t know Clyde frog I just am.” Bwaaa haaa Oops! Sorry I am commenting all of this and it seems quite nonsensical.

    See my BRAIN just took over! Ok, I am leaving now and reading your other post before I start rambling some more.

    1. Bless you Angel! Isn’t it odd that relationships and Asperger’s have both been on our minds? It must be the fresh spring air! I feel so relieved to hear that I am not the only one ruminating at night. and you are so right–all those connections fire up at once and suddely your solving global problems. who wants to sleep when such delicious and significant thoughts pulse?

      Spider solitaire is a calming distraction for me. What winds me up are matching and memory games–they always cause late night spinning and cereal eating sessions. I think order soothes while matching stimulates.

      Heh. “Polly Prissy Pants.” I loved that plosive “P” sound. I feel like straightening up shoes and singing “Polly Prissy Pants.” I should leave now, myself. I feel very energized!

      Thanks for stopping by Angel!

  3. I love this post!!

    I get like this some nights… I love the idea of my brain being like a pet. It needs exercise and challenges or it will gnaw on the legs of the couch.

    And really, who can sleep through all that teeth gnashing!?!

    At those times I tend to get up and let the night glow of the computer catch my thoughts. They quit their endless circling in the ever-widening gyre when I can stick them to the paper and make them behave… so we can all get some rest.

    Sometimes the barrier to sleep it is just the endless gravel crunching in my pillow ear as I listen to my circulatory system. I know my brain needs better food and exercise when it is the quiet pulsing of my veins and arteries that keeps me awake!!


    1. What a lovely and evocative comment! I like the ideas and sensations you conjure!

      “Sometimes the barrier to sleep it is just the endless gravel crunching in my pillow ear as I listen to my circulatory system”

      I am overjoyed with this vivid image, gritty and organic. Beautiful. Thank you for dropping by for a visit!

  4. Love the art! Fantastic post! You described my brain…Sounds like LV (the little voice in my head) and Sir Brain. Like the idea of feeding your brain other material. Angel and AlienHippy sound like they understand, too! We are all in this together, us and our BRAINS! May the gods help us. Joyful to read your words, as the humor shines through the frustration.

  5. Oh yes! I never realized consciously, the connection between “what I feed my brain” and happy, peaceful mind. But it is true isn’t it? I did learn early on that writing about things that aggravate me helps me put it to rest for the night. Reading is a good redirection/distraction for end of day in general. 🙂

    1. Thank you Amy! You have a good idea–I’m plan to return to reading short fiction before bedtime. Familiar words are soothing (I read the same things over and over). Each re-visit leaves me with with a few more (refreshing!) thoughts. I appreciate you dropping by! 🙂

  6. the words on your collage drew me in to your blog. I was smiling before it had loaded:) My brain never shuts up. i am new to this stuff and thought aspeis thought in pictures and thatmade me worry cos all else fits like a glove. I think in conversations in my brain and that way only. I couldnt pull a picture of my own daughter into my head. and i write, oh boy do i write. I am at this moment buried under reams and reams of autism research and memories and links as i do. i also think of my brain as a seperate being and when i let it get bored it chews me up and spits me out. i dont know what on earth im gonna obsess about once the puzzle of me is solved. never mind am sure a new obsession will take me over and amuse my brain fairly quickly 🙂

  7. I’m overwhelmed and fascinated by your beautiful thoughts, and also those of your commenters. I teach gifted high school students and am going to find your sign up page. I see you all every day in my classroom. What a challenge and joy you bring to my day.
    I want to stand up and cheer. Bravo!

    1. Hello Karen!

      Thank you for visiting and I apologize for the slow response.

      I remember teachers like you who understood people like me. You were few and far between, but such jewels. I still think of my third grade teacher and I remember her fondly when everyone else is dim.

      Thank you from future mes, who will remember the challenges and joys as well as you! 🙂

      Lori D.

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