A Bit O’Bronchitis


Friday, I started to crash. I assumed the sleepless nights from The Yogurt Incident* had drained me. Saturday I coughed, dozed and perspired. Today, I feel better but weak.

You know the type of tired that feels boneless and hollow? Not a depressed-tired, but a physical-tired that seems as if it could be cured with wires, ropes and pulleys? Yep. That’s where I’m at.

As a consequence, I’m cuddled up with my laptop extracting and re-coloring vintage digital images for collage. I hope to be  visiting with you soon!

9 thoughts on “A Bit O’Bronchitis

  1. I’m bummend you are not feeling 100% but I am happy about all the collages. Look forward to seeing some of them. Take Vitamin C every couple hours. Big healing hugs. 🙂

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