Norovirus Creations

Abstract Feb Vacation

My family is limping  through our third bout of seasonal norovirus.

Liev missed four days of school last week. I am sick of toilets, paper towels and Mickey Mouse cartoons.

I fought my ennui with watercolor, crayons, and ink.

Without an easel or chain link fence to protect it, I painted atop our bookshelves, standing on a kitchen chair. I enjoyed balancing on one foot. Afterall, it’s the process, not the product!

Doddle February 2012
Doodle feb2

9 thoughts on “Norovirus Creations

  1. OH! I am sorry for all the virus invasion going on there. I hope they leave soon! BUT you made some amazing creations. I love them all!!

    Best wishes for no more toilet stuff. Blah! Toilets!

  2. Sending appreciation for your beautiful art along with positive thoughts and virtual chicken soup… unless you are a vegetarian – then it is hot lemon tea with honey. ((Hugs))

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