Boundless Energy


Of late my son has displayed a reckless rambunctiousness I find difficult to keep up with. Without being ill or overloaded, bursts of vigor embrace and overload him.  Clenched fists and swinging limbs hurtle with a velocity our modest gross motor room cannot contain.

He needs a vast tundra to sprint across, with mammoths to chase, spear, and roast.

What happened to my sweet little boy?  Who replaced him with this slamming, punching machine of a child that could chew through wood and iron bars?

I asked our respite worker, a veteran preschool and kindergarten teacher, for her insight. She told us young children have hormonal surges as they develop. A little boy’s testosterone level can double at these times.

Our pediatrician further informed us that growth spurts can cause a thirst for rugged activity. Boys on the spectrum often require a behavior management program of sheer physical exhaustion to maintain balance.

My son is ravenous and sleep-filled, bristling with the ferocity of his Viking ancestors.

Did Mother Nature slyly wait until February Vacation Week to unleash a hormonal juggernaut? Did she also know my husband would be absent during a snowstorm fraught with power outages? Sigh.

What to do?

I took a page from Liev’s case manager. We discussed feelings and brought out the emotion stamps. Ostensibly, the process will help him build self-awareness. The two of us pounded pages with red and blue faces.

I debate the merits of examining feelings over ink and paper, but the process soothes us both.  A worthy goal is met.

Tomorrow we visit the tundra.

6 thoughts on “Boundless Energy

  1. Oh, boy! Thank you for sharing!

    Joshua has been struggling with this very thing for a few weeks now and it has gotten really tumultuous at times around here.This would explain some things with my little guy. I hadn’t even considered hormonal surges or a growth spurt. He is five and transitioning into six in several months so it would make sense. He is also having emotions struggles that are new I have been kind of at a loss as to what to do. I think I will look at our situation a differently.

    I am sorry you are going through this. And a snow storm YIKES! I hope everything gets better soon! Glad to hear you are back on top. 🙂

    1. Angel,

      Thank you for your supportive words. I feel less alone! Tyoma will be six in August, it seems as if our boys are very close in age!

      This is a confounding time. I am so accustomed to scrutinizing every behavior through the lens of autism, that I lose sight of regular developmental occurances.

      The emotional struggles you speak of are a concern for me, too. Many spectrum kids are emotionally intense. When you feel so profoundly, it is very difficult to cope. I try my best to be patient. Some days I am strong and assured and others, I feel unequal to the job. Time, fortunately, levels everthing out.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing. I feel buoyed by your visits! 🙂

  2. “Who replaced him with this slamming, punching machine of a child that could chew through wood and iron bars?” Sorry to laugh at your situation, but this line is hilarious!

    It does seem that these energy surges always happen at the worst times, don’t they? My son always goes through this when I have the flu. LOL. I had never heard that tidbit about the testosterone levels doubling during these spurts. That’s fascinating to me. Hopefully you guys can at least find an indoor climbing gym or something. Good luck to you!

    1. Yes, Quirky, they do! It does seem like my kid has the most energy when I am least likely to be able to keep up with him!

      I had not hear about the testosterone either, but it does make sense. Heaven help me when he becomes an adolescent!

      We are doing much better now that school has reumed and Papa is home! Thanks for dropping by!

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