What Holiday Decorating Means To Me

Yesterday, I unloaded a mountain of adorable holiday memorabilia from Liev’s backpack. Since he attends double kindergarten, his teachers take special care to make his holiday ornaments and treats unique.

I have a handprint bulb keepsake, a shakey-glitter plate and lots of goodies with Liev’s photos on them.

All of the photos have Liev’s “say cheese!” grimace on them.

Liev’s twin elves above captured the holiday mischief burgeoning around our house.

The Christmas tree is the center of attention. Many glittery red bulbs have been scooted across the carpet, tossed through hoops and rubbed together to make “Christmas dust.” The surviving bulbs are clustered at the top of the tree (out of reach!). The lower branches are festooned with clothespins, rubber bands, and socks. We also had some shoes, but I made Liev return them to the closet.

Do I have laissez-faire attitude towards our ornaments?

Sure. They are plastic, glue, and glitter. They are also shiny, different and inviting. I want to eat those big red bulbs like an apple.

So, ho ho ho.  Enjoy your Christmas in the way that makes you happiest!

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