Dark Nest

Dark Nest

Mixed media explorations can take weeks to put together. My flow and work are rarely lucid. Instead, I sequence little compulsions until they satisfy some inner dialogue. Once I recognize the message, I share (sometimes!).

My Dark Nest has been glued, painted, scraped, glazed, re-glazed and painted again. The process is personal, as if I alternately built and gouged myself.

Yesterday, an internal voice told me I had finished. I did not know what my picture  expressed, but it felt completed.

Only after I uploaded it did I understand.  I had assembled a dark, empty nest with a little song floating above it.

My nest is lonely and hopeful. I am processing  my mother’s visit and carrying on after she leaves.

Mom’s companionship and guidance buoy me. I enjoy the adventure of her visits.  Without that extra twinkle life seems gloomier.

Yet–I am half of her. On joyful days (most days!), I am a singing dancing knot of good humour. Even in a dark empty nest, a little song floats.

4 thoughts on “Dark Nest

  1. Lori, I think we all have our Dark Nests. Not all of us express them as colourfully as you do, though … or as eloquently. Thank you for sharing!

    Much love, and Happy Solstice.


    1. Thank you Sue!

      I appreciate your encouragement. I feel as if putting color on paper is the realization of an ancient childhood dream. I wanted to be an artist as much as some girls would want to be a ballerina or princess.

      Your validation is like a little sparkly tiara! 🙂

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