Science and Invention

Yes, he built this all by himself and even labeled the parts (except for #6).

I am recovering from post-Mom ennui. I miss the burst of excitement and adventure her visits bring. Liev forges through his funk with mischief as a tool. As he grows older, he rationalizes his forays into naughtiness impressively.

A sampler of scientific devilry:

  1. Liev explained the toothpaste pie graph on the bathroom counter “it’s so I know if I use the bathroom more for pee or for poo.”
  2. When I asked about the chunky bites out of a toilet paper roll, he disclosed “it’s important to know the texture with your teeth–chewing tells more than feeling with your hands.”
  3. “I cut my hair with the scissors because I was testing the strength of the scissors. The orange (handled) ones cut the best.”
  4. “If you put glue into tea, the tea can still spill.” 
  5. “It’s an experiment to see if the bathroom will fill up with water.”
  6. “It’s an experiment to see if the kitty will still like me.”

Heh. Winter break is just around the corner…

2 thoughts on “Science and Invention

    1. Thank you!

      #6 looks more sinsiter than it really is. We were talking about how the tone of a persons voice carries a message. You can say the same thing to people, but they might not like your tone.

      Twenty minutes later he was telling the kitty “I love you kitty” in differents tones of voice (mostly shouting). This was a good teachable moment since I was able to explain that animals only understand tone of voice.

      So, kitty still liked him after he called her a “foul stinker” sweetly! 🙂

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