Last Wednesday night, the house resounded with falsetto yelps.

My husband was training his voice.

Dozens of voice training videos on YouTube tantalized him with amazing results. “Try this, Friend! You, too, can sound like Richie Sambora!”

Egor settled on his favorite few. He practiced interminably throughout the holiday vacation.

Thanksgiving day, he practiced the “Mee mee MEE mee mee MEE” voice exercise lampooned on old cartoons.

All day.

Every few minutes we would hear “Mee mee MEE mee mee MEE,” followed by throat clearing and another “Mee mee MEE mee mee MEE.” He took breaks to drink water and eat. The rest of the time he sang.

Concerned, my mother asked me if he was okay. I told her yes, it’s just his thing.

Sunday evening, my husband switched exercises.

WHOOO-ooooo-oooo,” he howled. “What’s that noise!” hollered Liev from his bedroom. “WHOOO-ooooo-oooo,” repeated Egor. “What’s that NOISE!” countered Liev.

This exchange lasted until my exhausted son fell asleep.

Last night’s exercise was, “EEEEEEE-uuPP.” “Papa! Stop that!” shouted Liev. And so on.

The good news is that Egor’s practice sessions signal a long-lasting cheerful mood.

The bad news is that in time he will realize his devoted practice will not give him Bon Jovi’s awesome mixed voice talent. Discouraged, he will abandon his training for another six weeks.

I like my husband’s ee-ups, whoos and mees. I even like my son’s half-hearted irritability over them. The swinging cycle of confidence and dismay flavors our ordinary suburban life.

Every cycle, my husband sings a bit better. Every cycle, the cheer lasts a little longer. One day, it will be all music.

8 thoughts on “Falsetto

  1. Bon Jovi! Lol! Wait, I am going to practice now Mee mee MEE mee mee MEE, WHOOO-ooooo-oooo, EEEEEEE-uuPP….I did them all at once it was a crash course, do I sound magnificent yet?

    What a lovely post, I giggled and laughed the whole way through. 🙂

  2. ha. i have grown up in a very musical family and am singing with my son occasionally. he has a good voice, but unfortunately was too stressed about the school choir, although his music teacher really ‘wanted’ him.
    he hums and sings a lot by himself, I think it’s a kind of stimming (he is not so aware of it most of the times)
    i like to use youtube for my personal karaoke pleasures and then also get protest from him – it is punishable in recent times by me breaking into classic musical songs =D (“the hiiiiiiills are a-live with the sound of muuuuusic..” and songs from West Side Story are my favorites.)

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