Russian Elevator

Homemade Elevator 1

This is a homemade Russian elevator, posing next to the number wall in our gross motor room.

I intended to post this homage sooner, but alas!

Papa Sasha built a super cool elevator for Tyoma during the family’s visit last month. Two years ago, Sasha first planned to create a working elevator. I could not imagine how he could assemble anything indestructible enough to entertain Tyoma.

Heh. Russian ingenuity knows no bounds!

Sasha raided our toolbox, scrap lumber, and hardware for parts. After a quick trip to Home Depot, he deftly constructed a sturdy working elevator.

The device has been a favorite of Tyoma’s, especially at bedtime. The house resounds with Tyoma counting elevator  floors at top volume.

ONE! Ddd-dddd-ddddd(←elevator sound effect).  TWO! Dddd-dddd-dddd.  THREE! Dddd dddddd ddddd.

Ad infinitum…

Homemade Elevator 2

The white knob cranks the blue elevator box up and down. The design is very simple and very durable. If the cable breaks it is easy to replace. Awesome!

Homemade Elevator 3

Ta-dah! Since this picture was taken, Tyoma added floor numbers in kanji. Our next project for Papa Sasha is hiragana stencils.

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