Russian Relatives Rock!


Last week, my husband’s parents and brother visited from Russia.

Thursday night, the Moskvichi sent over treats and presents.  My husband appreciated mountains of caviar and stacks of Russian movies. I did an extra-special extended toe dance over luscious Russian children’s books. Hooray!

Friday, everyone dropped by to meet my husband’s motorcycle, Suzi.  Baba Tanya surprised me with an armful of flowers while Papa Sasha  got acquainted with Suzi.


Saturday, I stayed out of the way while the family visited with Tyoma. He can be easily overcome in group gatherings.

Nevertheless, I hovered on the periphery, listening in and smiling. I ghosted past Uncle Andrei’s cheery face a few times in the hallway (he’s shy!) and had fun eavesdropping.

Our Saturday meeting went beyond my expectations. I was grateful that T felt well and that everyone worked so hard to show him a good time.

Sunday, the family went for a walk around the neighborhood. Tyoma had the itinerary all planned out. He suggested in what order everyone should walk and in what sequence they should hold his hand. Accommodating and sweet, everyone followed his instructions.

Tyoma took a shine to Uncle Andrei. Tyoma is usually afraid of boys, but Andrei made him feel very comfortable. It was sweet to hear Andrei speaking English with Tyoma.

I have more to share, especially about Papa Sasha’s Project. Stay tuned!

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