Walk and Talk with Chalk


A few weeks ago, summer felt like fall. One sparkling afternoon Tyoma and I played with chalk in our pajamas. I drew long lines down our gritty asphalt drive while Tyoma marked off notches.

Every few minutes we took a break to wipe our hands on a damp washcloth.  Neither one of us likes the dusty feel of chalk on our hands.

When our line reached  57 we became impatient to play our addition and subtraction game. We rolled a foamy die and hopped barefoot down the number line.

In between dice rolls, we enjoyed the pleasant day. Tyoma chatted and walked in circles, assigning meaning to various number positions on the line. I enjoyed a few open armed spins when the neighbors weren’t about.

After twenty minutes of jumping and rule making we moved on to our next project–a giant bullseye. I fashioned lumpy concentric circles and T wrote the numbers. We colored rings together.

Tyoma decided to add a number platform (he’s drawing it here) for each player to throw stones from. He then proceeded to make up rules that would guarantee him the win.


We must have been a sight, talking to and at each other, making rules and walking around in circles.

Let me tell you, though–it was FUN.

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