Learning Japanese

I have been hearing this for five straight days.

Tyoma has decided to teach himself Japanese. I admit, I’m impressed that he taught himself this little song in a day. I think I’ve learned it, too!

Tonight he is singing Japanese alphabet, number and phonics songs with great enthusiasm. He has an excellent memory for songs and music.

After only a few days of school, he recited the Pledge Of Allegiance. My only surprise was that they returned the “under God” quote to the pledge.

Teaching Tyoma that a peer’s playground fall is not hilarious remains a challenge. His SPED teacher sent home a note in cheery purple ink outlining how to react to a fall.

I’ve been heaping on the praise for positive social progress. T becomes very proud when he hears me tell Papa about his good deeds.

He works harder because of it. Our goal is to earn a “Bus Friends” certificate for good greetings and not complaining about liking people.

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