Murder By Numbers

Over the summer, Liev frequently played online computer games. Excited and fidgety, he would bounce around and explore the computer room. One day he found the remote to Papa’s stereo and pressed play. The Police’s Synchronicity filled the room. He cocked his head to one side and smiled. He liked it!

Liev requested the album every time  he played computer games. One day when Papa had computer duty, I could hear the two of them singing “Murder By Numbers.” I chuckled, knowing T loved the “1-2-3, A-B-C” lyrics.

For the next week or so, T would sing and Papa would play guitar. The two of them performed four or five of the songs from the album quite well. Afternoons were cheerier. The boys put on concerts as I folded laundry and over-cooked dinner with enthusiasm.

One day, I found something interesting among the papers Sunrise Childcare sent home with Liev. He had stenciled “Murder By Numbers” on a sheet of paper. I laughed. This was a refreshing change from his interminable self-invented cryptograms.

Two days later, the director called me in the office to ask me about Liev’s stencil. One of the afternoon teachers had seen it and was concerned. I explained the situation and we had a good laugh.

I can’t imagine why a teacher would see such a thing and not ask the child what it meant. T would have given a lengthy, if convoluted, explanation. Or maybe not. Perhaps he sang the lyrics in class. A stanza is in typewriter font above. Heh. The stencil and crumpled paper is 100% Liev.

E.T.A.  I wrote this because of how I woke up. Liev snuck into my bedroom, climbed on my bed and quietly hummed “Murder By Numbers” in my ear until I woke up.

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  1. Lori, I read your blogs out loud to Bryan. He says, “Tyoma sounds like an amazing kid!”
    I replied, “He does, doesn’t he?”
    You and your family are awesome. Keep it up!

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