Arranging Things By Color

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For the past few years my son has been obsessed with ROYGBIV color order. I remember his Early Intervention Speech Pathologist gasping when he reorganized her colored cups in ROYGBIV order. “It’s not normal to do that,” she ominously informed me.

Internally, I rolled my eyes and speculated that her life must be insufferably boring. Organizing things by color is AWESOME!

As a child, I took a special delight in putting my crayons in order by color. I remember the day my mom bought me the big crayon set (96 colors!). I spent the afternoon blissfully arranging them before I would color with them.

Books 3

Is that normal? Probably not. But organizing is fun and deeply satisfying for me. Check out our downstairs library. Three bookcases, all categorized by color. My jolly project makes my heart sing!

I embrace autism awareness because it acknowledges and celebrates the differences of autistics and others who think differently. Everybody is different at some level. Being more different does not mean “ruined” or “broken.” That idea promotes stigma and brings down everybody’s quality of life.


So, rejoice in your little (or big) bits of oddness. The diversity of humankind makes the world  profoundly interesting and joyful.

8 thoughts on “Arranging Things By Color

    1. Oh, yes it is! 🙂

      Don’t be jealous, all that organization comes at a price! It often seems like the only thing I can do. Don’t look at my car, though–I have french fries fossilizing on the floor and several mysterious evil smells!

      Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

  1. I just found your site as a suggestion of my husband, who is Aspergers, our oldest daughter is an Aspie and my husbands mother was too. My husband is so much different than my daughter. She recently moved out alone. Her apartment is beginning to shape up, which is to mean, I know she is at home when her colors are in order. She is a diesel mechanic, has a bike in the middle of her room and a cat that hides her shoes, but her colors are in order. I just have to remember to get the hug after she takes off the coveralls, so I don’t get greasy.

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your story, Deena! I love organizing things and sometimes I think that I spend more time organizing my art supplies than using them!

      To me, order is soothing. So often the world seems chaotic, a flowing row of colorful books seems infinitely serene.

      I appreciate you visiting with me and taking a moment to comment!


  2. oooh your bookcases are beautiful. I always too spend more time organising than doing. Sadly nothing makes me more excited that a box with compartments, a notepad with sections, things with pockets of different sizes. Everything has a system, usually based loosely around letters or numbers but my books i arrange so that they are pleasing to my eye (althogh there is a kinda sub system going on to). I often think no that one will lokk nicer there and get up and change it…. but your system is blinking gorgeous… i want it….im physically itching to get up and do it to mine 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for writing. I wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you. My dad became very ill over the weekend so I’ve been a mess. I have good news on his health this evening, but I think it will need a day or to to recoup. I really enjoyed reading your comments and hope to get back to you soon!


        1. Thank you for your sweet, heartfelt wishes. Dad is doing better, but I am still restoring my frazzled nerves. Your support helps me feel better. Thank you!


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