Semi-Annual Haircut

Well, summer is over so it was time to Take Liev for a haircut. Our favorite stylist is in downtown Manchester, but it is worth the drive and hassle. Liev adores Shakira, who treats him with affection and respect.

The best part is not seeing her, however. The best part is the parking garage.

Here he is, standing by a mural. The mural is two feet from the…ELEVATOR!

Yep. We arrived early to ride it before the haircut, but I got lost. It’s hard to get lost in a parking garage, but I could not figure out the arrows. I kept circling the bottom floor. But WE wanted the fifth floor! Ten minutes and forty circles later, we settled for the third floor.

Volunteers decorated the lobby of each floor with colorful murals. I could have spent an hour taking photographs! Here’s Liev again. Notice his position in the above photos. Heh. What’s up with that?

A ring pop! The closest he will get to a pacifier for quite some time!

One thought on “Semi-Annual Haircut

  1. I’ve been reading your blog from most current to previous and I have to say that I love reading all of the things you do for your son. You and your husband are amazing people. I work in a county autism program and I like to think that reading your posts helps me stay open and accepting of each of the children that I work with daily.

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