Irene’s Party

So, how was our Hurricane Party?


I made the mistake of showing my son our Hurricane Cake right before breakfast. This guaranteed that I heard nothing but, “Is it time for the Hurricane Party?” and “I’m going to eat some cake now, okay?” for the next four hours.

Tyoma obsessed over the cake. He jabbered nonstop about the cake–its flavor, dimensions, and color scheme (orange flowers like the Doppler radar on TV). I imagined a “God of Cake” scenario, so we had cake for lunch.

The irony was, poor Tyoma had no appetite, so he barely tasted the dessert he begged for all morning.

Despite the festivities, the whole family was bored and restive. When we had lists to make and things to do, we were excited and happy. The storm itself was anticlimactic–we  weren’t blown or washed away. I can’t believe I am complaining since the basement did NOT flood.

I snapped out of my ennui when I saw the devastation in Vermont. My buddy Rachel posted shocking pictures of the flood waters.

Next time the Weather Channel primes us for a disaster, I am going to add a “boredom box” in case things actually go well.


Meme character from Hyperbole And A Half.  Read  “This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult”.  It is my favorite humor piece on the web. I feel as if she wrote it just for me!

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