What channel do we always watch at our house? You guessed it, The Weather Channel. Why? It is soothing, has pretty colors and lots of numbers. So, the current weather scenario is like ten Superbowls, the Academy Awards and Christmas all rolled into one.

It might seem ridiculous to be so jazzed about an impending dangerous storm, but stranger things have boosted my excitement level. I have to watch myself, however. Anxiety is contagious. My husband voiced his officially worried statement, “We should prepare in moderation.” He filled up our spare gas cans and recommended moving items out of our basement. Yesterday, Liev fretted about power outages–what would happen if his room got dark or we had to cook something? I stayed up late wondering if our trees would turn against us and crush our house.

A certain about of worry is valid. Our first winter here, an ice storm left us without power for two weeks. Our basement flooded and it was bitter cold. At least we have propane, a generator and a ton of flashlights. Today I plan to top off our supplies. We shall see!

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