At The Play Ground

Sometimes taking Liev to the nearby school playground can be boring. He’s off and running, chatting to himself about levels and elevator and room numbers. Usually, I am up for Elevator Safari, but every third weekend I stand around, kicking my feet.

I decided to bring plastic grocery bags along with us. I stuff odd bits into then for collage. Above is an excerpt from a work too large to scan.

A bit of trivia: on the day I collected for my journal I found six band-aids (I did not add them to my stash!). The average amount of band-aids at a playground is two. I should probably keep track and post an infographic!

2 thoughts on “At The Play Ground

  1. Lori, your artwork is amazing. I wish I had the talent for colour and fresh ideas that seem to pop out of your head like crazy, fun, Jack-In-The-Boxes!! I stand in awe … and am inspired to try a collage.

    1. Sue! Thank you for the love! You absolutely made my day. I have always found your art work to be beautiful and robust. You are the Goth Gauguin! Happy Day to you!


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