Why Our Grocery Bill Goes Up In July

photograph by Teodora Vlaicu/Sto ck.Xchng


I love cherries! Every summer I load up my shopping cart with bag after bag of sweet cherry goodness.

Cherries are the best fruit ever because:

  1. They are not messy. You don’t need to cut or slice them. The whole fruit fits right in your mouth.
  2. Each one is a perfect balance of sweet and tart. This means you can eat more of them than other fruits. I would never eat a second bowl of bananas or oranges.
  3. Real cherries taste and smell nothing like artificial cherries.  I don’t even know how they came up with that flavor.
  4. Biting into a cherry is divine. They are not grainy, mealy, crumbly, pasty or gummy.
  5. Cherry pits make great projectiles for entertaining the cat or amazing your child.

Thanks to Teodora Vlaicu at Sto​ck.Xchng for the lovely cherry picture. You made these cherries look as delicious as they taste!

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