Lable Maker

One snowy day in March, my son hatched a sinister plan. He decided to invent a game so irritating that I would quit parenting and feed him leftover Valentine’s candy nonstop.

His game involved jumping, whistles, the bathroom sink, and all of our drinking glasses. I needed a new idea, quick.

Since Liev is hyperlexic, typing and spelling are favorite activities. So, I brought out my fancy Dymo LT-100 label maker   Overjoyed, he typed his heart out. Afterward, we compulsively organized. It was a blast!  On that long dull day, he printed dozens of labels:

Kitty Food.   Socks.  Underware.  Medicashun.  Do Not Disterb.

We stuck labels on all the appliances, most of the furniture and the majority of our dry goods. If you got lost in our basement, he printed little arrows to lead you back to the stairs. Our toilet handles now bear tiny “flush” stickers, located not far from instructional “ROLL” stickers. When we ran out of things to identify, I let him print labels for his “elevator” and put the label maker away.

I forgot about that day in March until I brought his stove up from the basement this morning.  I found his label stash in the oven.

Sometimes all it takes is just the right idea to make a blah day into a great day.

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