My Sanctuary

I decorated my room like the prom I never went to.

Ropes of glass, clay, and metal beads. Fuzzy yarn, silky ribbon, and glittery strings. So many sequins on surfaces!  Metallic spray paint accents and ample fairy lights.  A festive delight for the eyes and fingers. My sensory haven.  My sanctuary to stare into, hypnotically, serenely, thoughtfully.

I’ve plumbed for treasures from the depths of dusty bargain bins and crowded close-out sales. A bagful of oversized fuchsia beads? Hurrah! Fauvist yarn portraits of young women? Bliss! I’ve scoured flea markets and secondhand stores to dig up primitive animal masks and amply sequined mid-century souvenir dolls. I live in a kindergartner’s overambitious glitter jar. And I am delighted!

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