Fun With Saifun

The stomach bug that hit Sunrise Daycare finally ignited my poor sad GI tract.  Mom came down ill early yesterday afternoon and I crashed at dinnertime.  I am pleased to report I fixed not only dinner, but E’s lunch for tomorrow as well. Have I sealed his intestinal fate? Time will tell.

Let me tell you a cooking secret.

Saifun noodles (left) are not the same as rice vermicelli (right):

Saifun, or cellophane noodles, are made from mung beans. You find them in dishes from China and Southeast Asia.  Rice vermicelli is also from China and has a delightful, firm texture. I could gobble a gallon of rice pasta in Chunky Prego sauce.

Wikipedia warns rice vermicelli “should not be confused with cellophane noodles.”  This is because saifun are the slimiest noodles on earth. Incompetent cooking renders them unpalatable.

My dinner experiment follows:  I fixed my famous leftover tenderloin surprise by floating sliced pork in a bath of sizzling canola oil. After I finished the sauce, I tossed in the saifun.  The translucency of the noodles startled me. They looked wormy, like dangerous internal parasites.

As I stirred, the noodles undulated suggestively. I chased  a clump with my fork to inspect it further. The noodles evaded me in a faintly biological way. Brrr.  How to serve this to my husband?  I decided to use his mother’s secret Russian cooking trick. I added more garlic and some red peppers. E loved it. Dinner success!

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