I need to post this before my scatter-brained self loses this!

I found the website Journeys with Autism a while ago and then lost it in the sea of new information I was taking in. I am pleased to report that I found it again via Nicole Nicholson.  I hope my brain will let me unleash something profound and moving in response, aside from, “The 70’s were fantastic! Look at her cool clothes!”

ETA: Okay, I’m calmer now. Well, marginally. I am grateful to Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg. I feel less alone with my brain! Her school pictures and insightful commentary unleashed a flood of “OMG, that’s ME!” She told my story, except for the details of her school system (blah New Mexico). I ordered her book “The Uncharted Path: My Journey with Late-Diagnosed Autism.” It will take me a month to read it, because the subject matter is so volcanic I will reel off on spazzed out tangents every few pages. Bzzzz! Already getting excited!

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