The Appeal of Rage Comics

Market Basket left me feeling squeezed and assaulted.   Singing softly to myself and playing keyboard on the cart handles did keep a number of people at bay, however. After shopping and splitting my attention between mom and Liev, brain death was upon me.  I retreated to my room to hook my consciousness to the computer. Mindless entertainment whisk me awaaaay!

Hooray Failblog.

I browse Ugliest Tattoos. What more profound way to reveal your character than to permanently display pictures on your person? Galleries of shocking and delightful tattoos give thrills me–the same sweet rush I get when I see blue nail polish or a dyed goth princess.

I smirked my way through absurd winged genitalia and shocker-hands, disturbingly placed for public consumption. After the third Technicolor armpit monstrosity, however, I needed a change of scene.

So, I popped over to Know Your Meme (KYM), to see what Bear Grylls is drinking today.  The Mad Magazine feel of KYM is a guilty sort of pleasure that belonging exclusively to young men of a certain age.  Nevertheless, I was transfixed.

Following random threads, I encountered Rage Comics. I dedicated Saturday night to them. A hundred and fifty pages clicked by. They vary in quality, certainly, but overall, I relate to the young men that make them. We are equally confounded by the same world and take pride in the same things. Liberating.  I am a fortyish woman with the mind of a 24-year-old man with nothing better to do.

Rage Comics blend of humor, brevity, and poignancy in four glances. Short stories hold the same appeal for me. Direct and generated with agreed-upon symbols, Rage Comics connect me with humanity. Thank you internet. And thank you thoughtful persons posting.

And thus, my second search.  I finally joined Wrong Planet.  True to form, I lurked endlessly, not contributing a word.  But I found an amazing world. I read seven pages of posts, smiling and nodding.  It felt right to be there, knowing that I am not alone in being awkward and clueless.  Between the forum and Rage Comics, I felt connected and content.

2 thoughts on “The Appeal of Rage Comics

  1. Yes rage comics are usually related to the jokes or events which occur in our daily life..
    Rage comics are definitely better than the old standard comics.

    1. Thank you for visiting! I’m glad we both love Rage Comics! We live in such a unique time, when so many of us can share our lives simply and immediately. Rage comics are fueled not by advertising, newspapers, publishers or Hollywood. They are our own.

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