The Dog Has a Knife!!!

Peeps! With sweet little button eyes!

Easter Sunday

Our Easter was mellow, punctuated by ten minutes of frenetic indoor Easter egg hunting.  We skipped candy and settled for toys in plastic eggs, conspicuously placed for easy retrieval. E got most of the jumping and screaming on video, including a cameo by me and my oily locks. I noticed that my comfy house dress is fading. Sigh.

As I promised yesterday, Mom and I took Liev to Wassermann park.  When we arrived, a purplish and heavy aura loomed–the harbinger of hard, steady rain. Thankfully, we had the park to ourselves. I half-expected multiple screaming celebrants of an  Easter egg hunting jamboree. T ran off to rotate giant number logs.  I split my time watching him and entertaining Mom.

In twenty minutes, we had company. A couple arrived with two kids and a fat, slobbery lab.  I do like dogs, but they should be leashed in a playground.  The mother hollered at me, “Is it okay to have our dog here?”  I felt like hollering back, “No! And could you and your family please leave because your presence annoys?”  but instead I walked over and said, “My son is autistic and if your dog approaches him, he will become upset. I am okay with dogs and will work with my son.”


Liev spent the next fifteen minutes loudly asking questions about the dog.  When the dog actually approached him, he crouched into a ball and begged me to save him from the dog.  The family finally put the dog on a leash, but Liev continued his harangue.  “I can’t go down the slide!  The dog is there!”  “The dog is on the steps! He’s going to get me!” and so on. Finally he yelled, “The dog has a knife!”  I kid you not, he actually said this. Embarrassed and a bit irritated, the family left. Then Liev asked me, “Where did the dog go?”  “To Wassermann beach, buddy,” I replied. “Hm. I want to go to the beach and see the dog.  I liked that dog.”


I think in Liev’s mind the whole thing was a bit of a game. He was anxious about the dog, but curious, too.  I totally get that and wonder how to do things better next time.

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