A Lovely Birthday


I woke up about 7:30ish this morning to shouts of “It’s 8:00!!! Time for the birthday party!”  Liev was beyond excited. Yesterday our respite worker took him to the store to pick out a card and a little surprise for me. On the card, he’d written, “Wait until 8:00 breakfast surprise.” So, 7:40 was as long as he could wait.

Anyway, my son has excellent taste. He bought me an organic mint chocolate bar. Dividing up a section for the three of us, Liev decided that it was his birthday too, and thus the largest chunk of chocolate belonged to him. Perhaps a teachable moment for some children, but not Liev. He was so hyper (and slobbery!) I decided that it was great to share the same birth date as my son!

The rest of the morning was me singing, hooting, and clapping (birfday!) while my husband gave me “take it down a notch!” hand signals.  I am not always aware of how excited I can get. No wonder they called me “spaz” at school! I guess home is a safe place. Dammit. If only other people could mainline my joy! Nobody  would bitch or moan, just happy dances and whooo-hoos.

I took the killer baby out for brunch around 11:00. I really wanted to go to the Black Forest Bakery and gobble chocolate cake, but Liev did not.  I know that the Black Forest is meltdown central–it’s too cramped, crowded and hectic, so my birthday present to myself was a pleasant time for both of us.

The rest of our outing went well. Nothing beats two totally jazzed people zipping around Toys R Us. Nevertheless,  I was completely drained when we came home at 2:30.  I’m looking forward to dinner tonight and some red wine.


Ahhh! Pinot Noir!  They were out of two bottles of the modest variety, so the birfday girl got a very nice bottle of pinot noir to enjoy with her meal. We ate at Giorgio’s, a slightly fancier version of my Las Cruces favorite, Lorenzo’s. The loveliest part of the evening was the conversation with Egor.  We’ve been married for 16 years and there is still much we don’t know about each other.

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