Intense World Theory Of Autism

Aaaaand I’m off and running. I have pages of writing waiting to be transfered to computer and even pages on my computer waiting to make it to my journal. I was so excited over my birthday present (new laptop!) that I just had to find the perfect background picture for my header. And then the perfect font, colors, and so on.

Anyway, in my reading (Aspergirls) I found the perfect autism theory. It’s called the “Intense World Theory.” Naturally, I’m posting excerpts and re-phrasings and maybe some of my own personal musings. I’d like to mention that my father, who has Asperger’s and is profoundly gifted described his world as being “ultra intense” with “light, colors and  noises so intense” that he couldn’t think.  In his gradeschool classroom the clamor of students and the teacher was so overwhelming that he would rip pieces of paper out of his notebook and chew on them for relief.

I’ve written my own little stories which I will post later.

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