Research again!


I’ve been doing more research. It’s amazing how intensely I can focus on something I like. I also picked up some self-help books: Asperger’s From the Inside Out, Living Well on the Spectrum, and Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight.

Too Bright, etc,  is a book on sensory processing disorder. While not autism, it might explain some of the problems I have been having.  I digested From the Inside Out in an evening’s sitting. It rang incredibly true, but I have to say, I don’t think that I am as disconnected/rude as the people telling their stories.

Also, the author folks seem pretty ready advocate for Asperger’s. Where’s all the social isolation and anxiety/depression?

Good reason to see a shrink.

Which is why I liked Living Well the best. Charts.  Lots of behavior charts and how to help use your strengths to make up for your trouble spots.  This approach best since it is not to far from what I did at Southwest Counseling. I will use this book whether I am on the spectrum or not. I have a definite pattern of strengths and weaknesses consistent with Asperger’s, that’s for sure.

I feel so grateful and blessed to finally have some insight to my fool self!

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