Sometimes I get so hung up and obsessed over details, that I can’t communicate the big things that happen to me until much later. It is just so overwhelming.

I saw the doctor today and was a nervous wreck.  I could not look at him and clenched my hands around my journal to keep them from flying off my arms and escaping through the window. He was kind and compassionate and it took him almost an hour of gentle questioning and listening to get me relaxed. But I got there.

We left the meeting with another appointment. I asked about my thinking on Asperger’s and he said that we need to evaluate my social history and one other thing (I am so paralyzed now I can’t recall). It was his opinion that I very likely do have Asperger’s, especially considering our family. He reminded me that women present different than men and that might help me to answer more questions about the diagnosis.

I am grateful that he has extensive experience with Asperger’s.

Holy crap.


  1. Diagnosis doesn’t change a THING about who we are (or, frankly, about how the world perceives us!) – it just gives us more tools…

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