Spectrum Questions

alasSo, here’s what’s up. I called Mom’s cell and got dad, who was in the dentist’s office. Surprised, but not concerned, I called back later. I then found out dad had three teeth pulled. A nasty abscess lurked beneath. I was shocked and saddened and irritated. Mom has the notion that dad’s low energy always is caused by “Epstein-Barr virus.” I regard the “Epstein-Barr” hypothesis with the same caution that I do “toxins.” I maintain an open mind, but follow it with skepticism. “Chronic fatigue” plagued me years ago, with Epstein-Barr being the dubious cause. My chronic fatigue was likely major depression complicated, perhaps, by even more major depression.

I have struggled with clinical major depression since I was 12. As I learn more about the autism spectrum, I wonder if there is a link between my “nervous breakdowns” and autism. Am I experiencing this misery due to over-stimulation? Is the world too much for me? I have so many questions.

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